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Markelle Fultze


Philadelphia 76ers rookie Markelle Fultz will not play for the rest of the summer league because of a left ankle sprain suffered on Saturday in Las Vegas, the team announced Sunday.


Fultz was helped off the court after rolling the ankle in a game against the Golden State Warriors. The team said Sunday that X-rays were negative but that a lateral ankle sprain will prevent him from taking part in basketball activities for one to two weeks.


Fultz was walking around on Sunday and said he was relieved the injury wasn't serious.


"The foot's not broken, nothing like that so I'm good. I'm walking around," he said.


Fultz also tried to reassure fans via his Twitter account on Sunday.


I'm ok, thank you for all who where worried!


The Sixers have dealt with significant injuries to center Joel Embiid and last year's No. 1 pick, Ben Simmons, over the past three years, a fact Embiid appeared to acknowledge in a tweet posted shortly after Fultz was helped off the court.


Oh no no no... don't do this to us!—Joel Embiid




Lonzo Ball


It's showtime for Lonzo Ball as West teams begin play in Vegas


All of those D'Angelo Russell fans have been advised to turn their attention to the Big Baller Brand.


The Lakers wasted no time feting Ball as the face of the franchise, with Lakers exec Magic Johnson asking young Ball to leave some records in the books for him.


For the first time ever, Lakers fans will be overshadowed in the stands by the potential histrionics of LaVar Ball, and it shall be glorious. Also, Lonzo's pretty good, and the fast-paced action in Vegas suits his style well.


This should be a fun week to observe how Ball asserts himself among several players who figure to have a shot in the Los Angeles rotation in the fall, such as small forward Brandon Ingram and center Ivica Zubac.


Lonzo Ball's 11/11/11 is the first triple-double at the NBA Summer League in Vegas since 2008. Consistent stats were not kept prior to 08


NBA Summer League You don't think he'll ever get one in the regular season???


That's a real hot take you have there. He's a tall PG who likes to board so he can push out. You don't even know his game. Just trolling




Zhou Qi


The 43rd pick in the 2016 draft, Zhou agreed to a contract with the Rockets and will make his debut this fall.


NBA commissioner Adam Silver lamented the absence of Chinese players in the NBA since 2012, so there is great interest in how Zhou performs even outside of Houston.


On the court, the 7-foot-2 Zhou has 3-point range and was an elite defender in China, but his slight frame will be an obstacle he must overcome early on.


"Zhou Qi gonna be alright," says Isiah Thomas after Zhou hits his second three of the night. He's got 17 points on 7-12 FG.“


Zhou Qi in his Rockets Summer debut: 17 points (7-13 FG), 6 rebounds in 25 minutes. Team-best plus/minus of +11. Rockets win. Great start.


Clear that Zhou Qi needs minutes, but skills are evident, too. Finished inside, knocked down a 3, pretty under control in Rockets offense.





Ding Yanyuhang


Potential Chinese signee Ding Yanyuhang would benefit Mavericks both on and off the court

小牛队的潜在签约球员,来自中国的丁彦雨航 不论在场内外都有利于小牛队。

Ding has become one of China's best players and the Mavericks are hopeful he can grow into a solid NBA contributor. The fact that he fits in with the team's youth movement helps, too


Owner Mark Cuban declined to comment about Ding. He said more will be known after July 1 when the signing can become official.


However, Cuban last year hired a Mandarin-speaking employee, Ryan Kline. He is from Dallas and attended Yale. He, too, declined to talk about the impact that Ding might have on the Mavericks off the court.


Nelson envisions that Ding could be a candidate for the new two-way designation that teams have at their disposal for the coming season. But he is young enough to have a chance to be an NBA-caliber player. Ding has played professionally for six seasons.


Ding Yanyuhang has proved to be able to play in NBA. If Dallas Mavericks don't sign him, I hope Houston Rockets would do that!—Dmorey


New Summer League Legend: 23-year-old MVP of the CBA, Ding Yanyuhang. Fans are going wild every time he does literally anything.


China's Ding Yanyuhang plays hard, got nice size and is a decent shooter. If the Mavericks don't sign him, other teams should try to.


Suns and Mavericks


Josh Jackson VS Dennis Smith Jr.


During the second half of Sunday's NBA summer league game between the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns, fans at the Thomas & Mack Center on the UNLV campus got the matchup they wanted, as No. 4 overall pick Josh Jackson of Phoenix began guarding Dallas point guard Dennis Smith Jr., drafted ninth.


Jackson did a much better job defending Smith than the first two players the Suns tried, second-year wing Derrick Jones Jr. and second-round pick Davon Reed.


Ultimately, Smith got the best of him to complete an efficient 25-point performance.


Through two games, Smith has been as impressive as any of this year's rookies in Las Vegas.


On Saturday, Smith's performance (14 points, seven rebounds and six assists) was marred only by 1-of-6 3-point shooting. Those shots went down Sunday, with Smith making three of his five 3-point attempts.


Jackson is better off using his side-to-side crossover dribble to try to draw defensive help and become a playmaker.


He has had a pair of assists in both games, which underrates his court vision. Jackson's passing will be a welcome addition to a Suns team that ranked ahead of only the Toronto Raptors last season in terms of percentage of field goals off assists.


There will surely be plenty more meetings ahead for Jackson and Smith as Western Conference rivals. And while Smith had the upper hand the first time they squared off, Jackson will have his opportunities to even the score in settings with more on the line.


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