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1、比较:For my own journeys, however long and often, always pale when measured against the amazing deeds and exciting adventures of the greatest traveler who ever set out for far places.
Nevertheless, all these are unimportant, compared with the conveniences it provides.
2、变化:Although women‘s status has changed considerably, their complete liberation is far from being realized.
He had altered a great deal himself.
3、标志着:The founding of the Peoples Republic of China marked the beginning of the historical period of socialism in our country.
The opening of the new factory marked an important stage in the company‘s development.
4、表示:We wish to convey to you our hearty congratulations.
The government has indicated that it intends to cut taxes.
5、表现:He is doing well in his work.
She displayed great self-control when they told her the news.
6、采取:People in every field should take common action to plant more trees and flowers so as to improve our living conditions.
If we want to have a bright future, we have to take measures now.
7、产生:Racial inequality engenders conflict. (cause, give rise to, lead to, produce, result in)
8、成为:What makes the world develop so fast, become so civilized and so modern?
A rather skinny, spotty adolescent had turned into a confident presentable young man.
9、出现:During rush hours, thousands of bicycles appear on the narrow streets.
With many family tutors emerging, more and more families want to have at least one tutor.
10、处理:They deal with problems in their family life together.
The dockers refused to handle South African imports.
11、促使:The fact that those children, due to lack of money, are deprived of the opportunity of learning makes us admit the power of money.
The demands of modern society spur us on to study diligently.
12、打:A student must treasure his time and absorb as much knowledge as he can to lay a solid foundation for his future career.I’ve made a first draft of my speech
13、打算:People tend to put on weight after giving up cigarettes because they turn to snacks as a substitute.
He intends to be a teacher. (plan, is determined to, resolve to)
14、得: Looking back on the old saying: no pains, no gains, we may get benefits from it and become aware of the deep meaning in it.
Are you familiar with Song Chunli, a middle-aged actress who has won many prizes in China?
15、等于:They don‘t realize that wasting time is equal to wasting a part of their valuable life.
His reply amounts to a refusal.
16、调动:They are going to mobilize the army in an emergency.
We should bring every positive factor into play.
17、锻炼:He takes half an hour‘s exercise every day.
Swimming in the sea helps to build up both physical strength and willpower.
18、发挥:Now we have every opportunity to bring our talents into full play.
We should give full play to collective wisdom.
19、发生:Without newspapers we would not know what is happening in our own society or abroad. (take place, occur)
From TV we know what is going on in the world.
20、发展:With industries and business developing quickly, the number of trees in many big cities has dramatically reduced.
The village is growing into a town.
21、反映:This problem reflects that we show different attitudes towards different subjects.
Inevitably they will give expression to their own ideologies.
22、丰富:Travel can widen our knowledge and broaden our horizon, and makes one open-minded as well.
As we know, watching TV may relax our body, broaden our mind and enrich our life.
23、负责:Cars are responsible for most of the smog in cities, which has polluted the environment seriously.
She is very conscientious in her work.
24、加强:We should strengthen legislation to confirm the publication of things, then there will be less unpleasant things. (improve)
We should enhance combat preparedness.
25、坚持:Modernization will be entirely possible in the first half of the 21st century, as long as we hold an idea that economic development is the center of all our work.
China in the 21st century will stick to a sustainable development strategy.
26、进行:A good student should take good care of his body and take some physical exercise in his leisure time in order to become a strong man.
Their secretive behavior made me suspect there was something illegal going on.
27、经受:For the first time, we experienced defeat.
The company has undergone some major changes in the last five years.
28、举行:The club will hold its monthly meeting next Tuesday.
The congress took place in the Great Hall of the People.
29、开展:We should carry out criticism and self-criticism.
He is very important to launch a movement for increasing production and practicing economy.
30、凭:What do you base this conclusion on?
We should rely on our own efforts to fulfill it time.
31、让:The parents should also set the kids free to make their own choices.
The boss made the apprentices work fourteen hours a day.
32、深入:So it is essential for the students to participate in social practice in order to learn something that they can‘t get in class.
He always goes down to the grass roots units.
33、实现: I firmly believe, as long as I make unremitting efforts, my dream will come true one day.
She realized her ambition of becoming an actress.
34、实行:In order to improve the competence of state-run enterprises, the central government has implemented a series of reforms, among which is cutting down the staff.
We now institute an eight-hour working day.
35、使:I think it‘s high time we did something to reduce traffic accidents and made our road safer.
Doing part-time jobs can broaden our horizons and enable us to gain new knowledge.
36、说明:The relations can be demonstrated by the following examples.
To illustrate the scientific importance to modernization, it is requisite to give a glance at the scientific influence on the development of society in history.
37、体现:That is why we classify art as "classic", "modern" and "postmodern" ect., each embodying the character of its period.
This proposal reflects the interests and demands of the developing countries.
38、调整:To solve the problems, we should get the students out of ivory tower to gear their courses to the needs of industries and business, and help students seek a way of living a more significant life.
You can adjust the color on the TV by turning this knob.
39、通过:Effective measures should be taken and laws be passed to protect the environment.
The plan must go through several stages.
40、投入:When it‘s difficult for the laid-off workers to live, the government will allocate a certain sum of money to them regularly.
They‘ve fully prepared to throw themselves into the battle.
41、完成:By looking forward, we can make plans and then do our best to accomplish them.They‘ve fulfilled the state plan.
42、维护:They will have a family of their own, and they should contribute their part in maintaining a good home.
We should defend state sovereignty and national honor.
43、像:It sounds like somebody‘s knocking on the door.
The two sisters are very much alike.
44、宣传:Publicizing the importance of creating a pure and healthy environment is an effective way.
We must publicize the importance of preserving the present energy resources.
45、引起:Some pets can cause serious diseases.
What he said aroused suspicion.
46、展开:The sports meet is now in full swing.
Please unfold the map.
47、重视:All the companies attach great importance to knowledge and talents.
He didn’t take the matter seriously.
48、主张:While we are advocating competition, we can‘t ignore co-operation.
We maintain that literature and art should serve the people.
49、注意:During the interview, we must pay attention to our manner of speaking and show self-confidence and enthusiasm for the work.
I didn‘t notice when he left.
50、抓:I can see how the tigers are caught and what they feed on, how the butterflies grow up and even how the ants share their work.
We should seize the opportunity of learning advanced technologies and new skills


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